20 weeks!

time is fllllllying!
and now that I am halfway though this pregancy
the countDOWN is officially on!
We get to see "it" again on Friday and 
{hopefully} find out what "it" is.
With Trey I was SO sure it was a boy- I just knew.
And this time I feel the same way. 
I ALmost bought some matching little shirts...but I decided to wait and see if my "maternal instincts" can go 2 for 2.

{what I am really wanting to find out is if we have another member of the "clubfoot club" on the way!?}


Cole and Paige Barnett said...

That is funny that you thought they were boys. I was SURE it was a girl with ours as well. I have also double checked with the techs at the last 3 ultra sounds just to make sure she is still a girl haha.

Mitz said...

I was 0 for 2 with our boys, haha! I don't think I got any of those instincts. I hope for you it's a boy, having brothers is the cutest thing ever! Having said that seeing a big brother love his little sister is pretty sweet. Either way, it's a win/win!

missLaura said...

you look so cute Amy!!

ec said...

congrats on #2! you look great!

Kayla Ann said...

AHHH!!! AMY I am so excited for you guys!! can;t wait to find out what your having!