"the choice to be grateful"

I always look forward to reading the First Presidency Message in the Ensign. {read this month's here!} I feel, as I am sure many others do, that they are often exactly what I needed support and encouragement with. I love the message this month! December is such a special month, it really is "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year"- the Christmas season seems to bring out the best in people! With our thoughts turned to the Savior and His birth, it seems everyone is trying just a little harder to be more like Him- it is amazing. As we have helped out with different service projects at church I kept being reminded of how truly blessed we are. I loved the "challenge" at the end of the message. So here is what I am "choosing to be grateful for"

10 physical abilities
*being able to walk and run- ever since my grandpa had his leg amputated when I was 7 I have never taken my ability to move for for granted, he was always my inspiration in sports and my love of running. And watching Brock's mom and his sister struggle with Muscular Dystrophy has really enforced my gratitude for this blessing.
*the ability to have children
*good eyesight {even though I have glasses I still don't wear them!}
*my voice- I love to sing!
*I can read and write
*being able to carry Trey and my groceries up the 3 flights of stairs to our apartment
*I have a full set of healthy teeth- working as a dental assistant really made me appreciate this!
*I love to cook
*I know how to sew
*I can get a good night's sleep
10 material possessions
*our apartment
*a full fridge and storage room
*a reliable car
*pictures of our families
*our beds
*fridge and stove
*computer and SKYPE
*winter coats
10 living people
*our baby girl!
*my parents
*Brock's Dad
*my 3 grandparents
*Brock's 3 grandparents
*our sisters and brothers-in-law
*nieces and nephews
*the Prophet
10 deceased people
*my beautiful mother-in-law
*my grandpa
*Brock's grandpa
*my great aunt Della
*my great aunt Carol
*my great uncle Marlin
*my Nana
*my great grandma and grandpa Wood
*President Hinckley
*Joseph Smith
10 things about nature
*the changing seasons
*thunder and lightning
*sunsets and sunrises
*the mountains
*watching everything bloom in the spring
*the smell after rain
*a tree covered with frost
*the sound of birds
*the feeling of jumping in the lake on a hot day
*all of the colors
10 things about today
*being woken up in the middle of the night from little kicks inside my stomach
*waking up in a warm safe bed
*bringing Trey into our bed when he woke up, and listening to him babble away
*it's Saturday
*eating breakfast with my two boys
*only 2 weeks until Christmas eve!
*tomorrow is Sunday- so Trey and I get Brock all to ourselves :)
*the smell of cookies baking- oh wait, that's my Scentsy
*all the books and blocks and cars on the floor
*that I can write all of this while Trey naps
10 places on earth
*our apartment in Saskatoon
*my parents house
*Brock's parents house {happy his Dad still owns it!}
*my Grandma's house
*the cabins in Waterton and Lake Five
*my hometown of Claresholm
*my Grandpa's park in Barnwell
*the Zoo {all of them- we love the Zoo!}
*time shares in Arizona
10 modern inventions
*all medical inventions- especially "club foot" treatment
*cell phones
*the interenet
*cameras and video cameras
*ultrasound machines :)
*i-pods {will my kids even understand what a CD is?!}
*tv and radio
*flushable toilets {is that considered modern anymore?}
10 foods
*my grandma's jam
{yes, that is my pregnancy craving list}
10 things about the Gospel 
*Jesus Christ, His Atonement and the Sacrament
*my relationship with Heavenly Father
*the power of Prayer
*repentance and forgiveness
*the temple and the blessing of an eternal family
*the power of the Priesthood
*the scriptures
*a living Prophet and the Apostles
*the hymns
*my understanding of my purpose on the Earth and what will happen to my spirit when I die

I need to do lists like this more often! It's hard to narrow it down to just 10 for each category- I am so grateful I have so much to be grateful for!

 {I found Trey here yesterday. He's grateful he can climb, and that we have food too.}

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