just another manic...Thursday?

This morning Trey woke up at 8:13 and I thought darn, no sleeping in today {he usually sleeps until 9:00. I know, I'm spoiled} I rolled out of bed and caught a glimpse of my awesome bed-head hair on my way to bathroom. Then I had that feeling that no one likes... I yelled to Brock, "IS IT THURSDAY!?" to which of course he responded, "yes."
I had a doctor's appointment in 10 minutes.
Thankfully we only live a few minutes away from the clinic, and thankfully the sun doesn't rise until 9:00, so no one even saw my "hairstyle," well except for the nurse and doctor, but they've seen me in much worse conditions.
I had a "to-do" list a mile long today- and I think my adrenaline rush from this morning carried me through it. Trey and I spent our morning delivering Christmas goodies, getting gas, an oil change and cleaning the car. Then while the little man slept I cleaned and did laundry and now we are all packed and ready to go to Alberta tomorrow :) {Brock will be joining us on Tuesday}
I am SO excited to see our families and start partying
Did you know there is only 10 days until Christmas?! WaHoooooo!

{It didn't scan very well- but here's this years Christmas card!} 

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Cool cards. And way COOL Pictures :)