{the best} little boy

Trey amazes me with how patient he is. 
We have so much fun watching him discover things- and especially his little srunched-up face when he is figuring out how something works.
And for only being one-year old (plus 2 months) I think he gets an award for how patient he is.  
{like every other toddler} He is fascinated by the garbage can, or as we refer to it now, "the cave of wonders." He flips the lid up and just stares into it. When he first made this discovery, it was "grab as much as I can reach before Mom stops me!" But now he has learned the meaning of "YUCK!" He still opens it, but now he just looks. And our new favorite game is to put some garbage on the floor {like a wrapper or paper towel, no banana peels or used kleenex, we're not THAT gross} and watch him as he picks it up and carries it over to the garbage and throws it away.
Another daily battle with his self-restraint is the Christmas tree. Trey LOVES balls, so I felt bad putting up all the ornaments. It only a took a few days, but now he just stands in front of it, and points his little pointer finger and "oooooooo's"
I think my favorite is how patient he is when he wakes up. I love to listen to him talk and babble away. Trey loves his beauty, I mean handsome{?} sleep...but even after a good nights rest, he just lays there {because of his boots and bar, he has no other choice...see, he really is patient!} and practices his vocabulary until we go in and get him {it's not like hours later, only like 10 or 20 minutes, maaaybe 30 if it's the morning...he's nice to his pregnant mommy} and EVERY time, as soon as his door is opened he says. "dada!?" I guess I know who his favorite is...
We love our walking, {kinda}talking, dancing, happy, patient little Trey.
 {one more thing I don't want to forget- Trey loves to lay down on piles of pillows or blankets. He takes all the pillows off the the couches and throws his little body into the heap. It is SO. cute. I love to lay beside him, nose to nose. He just laughs. It's funny to lay on the floor I guess} 

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