For the 6th (6th...?!) time in about 2.5 years we are packing up and moving! I realized today that I have moved more in the past 3 years then the 21 previous. Sounds really fun right?...

Right now our apartment is filled with boxes, and boxes and boxes...some full, but most empty. I'm working on it. (well I was working on it, but I needed a break, hence the post) Trey has been my packing assistant. This morning I had him crawl under our bed to get something my belly was stopping me from reaching- what a good little helper!

Speaking of helpers- my sister and her husband are coming on Thursday {with my Dad's truck} to help us...and friday just happens to be my birthday- so it's going to be a moving party! I'm excited.


ec said...

amy! he is so big & so cute! and another sweet baby on the way? exciting.

Kenney Wood said...

taking my truck... that's news to me.... :)