we made it!

We are {pretty much} all moved in! {pictures to come}
It was a crazy weekend, and there is no way we could have pulled it off without my sister and her husband helping Brock load, and unload, and load, and unload....
My littlest sister Abby came too, and she was Trey's babysitter while we organized everything {fyi: Abby has been here to visit us more than anyone else in our families. She really loves us, or maybe just Trey?..}

Despite all the craziness of moving I had a great birthday! Brock surprised us and made reservations for the 6 of us at my favorite restaurant here {the perfect break from moving!}, and booked a massage for me this Friday. I cannot wait! Especially since I did something to my back. I thought I was taking it easy but I woke up Sunday morning and couldn't really walk, or sit, or bend...I look like a 100 year old pregnant lady trying to get around. It's great.

On a more positive note: it's only been 3 days, but I am already loving being in a house. It feels so amazing to just pull into the driveway and have our front door right there. There is tons of parking on the street too, so come visit me :)


Jen and Josh Payne said...

Where did you guys move to? Glad you had a good birthday! Hope we see you guys this summer and the new little baby!

Melissa said...

Yay! Congrats on the move. I'm glad it went well.

Stephanie Bengtson said...

I hope your back is better. Did the massage help?? That was so nice of your sisters and brother in law to come help you move. I think Abby likes Trey, I don't think it is you guys so much!! I can't wait to see more pictures of your house. I hope you had a wonderful Birthday!! Love ya