the final countdown.

7 days until Brock's birthday.
2 weeks until we get possession of our new place!
16 teeth in Trey's mouth.
15 days until my birthday.
2 trips to the grocery store for milk {neither of which I remembered}
9 weeks until my due date
my energy level- 0 {what do you say when a complete stranger says, "you look really tired..."}

I'm so excited we found a new place- but our tradition of moving when I am 8 months pregnant is not one of my favorites...baby please, please, pleeeease be late! 

31 weeks! I tried to show my face in this one to make it more exciting :)

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Dane and Kwynne said...

You look so cute! Trey is so perfect I can't wait to see how perfect you guys make girls as well!