Trey's day.

Trey is the sweetest little boy. I'm sorry, but I just have to gush. He is always so happy and playful. A kiss or cuddle from this little man fills my heart right to it's brim. I just love everything about him so much.

Something we want to do with our kids is have "dates", a chance for some one on one time with Mom or Dad {or both!} where they get to feel extra special! So we planned an afternoon to do Trey's favorite things! It (and everyday) was full of moments that made me feel so full of love for this boy, and the fact that I get to be his Momma. 

We started with a Trip to the Zoo. We fed miniature horses, growled at the bears, watched the lion cubs play, and barked at the wolves.

Next up was the pet store. Trey and I go to the pet store a few times a week, he could spend all day in there. He loves to watch the "sishies" {fish} and this time he even managed to stick his little hand into a tank when we weren't watching!

Then we headed to the dollar store to pick out some new toys, that's right any toy in the whole place...we're great parents like that :) We could barely keep him in our sight, he was running around that place like a mad man! He kept that dinosaur hat on almost the whole time we were in there, I loved it.

And last {but most definitely not least} we went out to eat, and Trey got to color {and throw his crayons on the floor and laugh as Dad picked them up every. single. time.}and have his all time favorite meal- Salmon and rice! 


It was a wonderful day.
Trey, we love you more than words can say.

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Kayla Ann said...

Amy I LOVE your new header at the top of your Blog. I am Blog challenged I always get my friend Steph in Vegas to decorate my Blog for me haha. I'm a cheater....