Well, I finally bit the bullet and gave this little man a buzz cut.
His hair is so thick, and as much as I love{d} running my fingers through it, having to cut it 3 times a month I didn't love.

I thought I was ready for it, but once the hair started to fall I started to cry and get mad at Brock for "convincing" me to do it. Trey however was a great sport about it all, the clippers and hair tickled him, and when he saw the pile of hair on the floor he just kept pointing to it saying "uh oh Momma!"

I think I'm used to it now- he just looks so grown up {and so much more like Brock!}


Amie said...

oh amy, he looks sooooo cute! Love the buzz cut!

The McGales said...

what a little man! It really does make him look older. Cute Amy!

Dane and Kwynne said...

Oh he just is the most handsome boy EVER! We miss you guys too. You should name her Carma! Wouldn't that just tickle your grandma pink!