my boys.

Watching Brock and Trey play together is the sweetest thing.
Their favorites are wrestling, playing cars and trains, chasing each other, playing with dinosaurs, and playing catch.
Yesterday I was in the kitchen making dinner and I could hear them playing in Trey's room.

Brock: Oh no, the dogs are running away, hurry put them back on the choo choo!
Trey: Oh no no no no!
Brock: The choo choo is leaving for China, come on dogs
Trey: Dog dog dog. Dada choo choo?
Brock: Yep, here we go!
Brock and Trey: Ahhhhhhhhh!

It went on like this for about 20 minutes before it was time to eat, and my cheeks started to hurt before I realized I had a "you can see all of the teeth in mouth" smile plastered on my face.
I love my two boys! 

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Stephanie Bengtson said...

This is adorable!! Those pictures are the best, they look so much alike!!