I am sure every mother can relate, I feel like Claire was just born, but it seems like she has always been a part of our family. How is she already 6 months old?!

Having a second baby is a strange thing. I just assumed my babies would look alike, grow alike, and well, be alike. But this little lady is different from her brother, and I have grown and learned as a mother because of it.

She is so alert when she is awake, she follows mine and Brock's every move, and all it takes is a glace in her direction and she's grinning ear to ear. She loves to be involved in whatever is going on, and is perfectly happy rolling and scooting around on the floor trying her hardest to get to whatever toy Trey left in his path. She is a girl on a schedule, she loves her "beauty sleep", and I love her for it :) She is a little snacker, unlike her brother was at this age, if she nurses for longer than 5 minutes it's a miracle. Every few hours she comes in for an "appetizer" as we've come to call her feedings. I feel like she needs more, but she's content so I guess it's working :) along with that, she's our little pipsqueak! Also, quite unlike her brother! We laugh at her little noodle limbs- she's started getting up on her knees and launching herself forward, and all I can think is, "you're too little for that!"
She loves to be sung to, and cuddled while she sucks on her two little fingers and clutches her blanket. Trey even knows this and when she is upset will go get her blanket and place it on her hand {that's one major similarity- what would I do without the "blankies" of the house?} She has her two bottom teeth, and soon {whenever I get around to mashing up an avocado} will be getting her first taste of "real" food! She even said, "dada" the other day, but despite what Brock says, I think it was a fluke!

 When she was born I was amazed that I could love two tiny people so fully and yet so equally, and over the past six months my heart has only grown to love them more. I am blessed to spend my days with these two perfect people that love me so wholly despite my many failings- they inspire me to do the same.

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