on purpose.

A few days ago I had a hard day. Lack of sleep, a not-so-nice lady in the grocery store, and some very sad news, had me laying on my bed in tears. Both kids were napping {a rare occurrence} and so I decided to listen to a conference talk. I randomly chose this one, and I know it was no coincidence.
"I think of our Lord and Exemplar, Jesus Christ, and His short life among the people of Galilee and Jerusalem. I have tried to imagine Him bustling between meetings or multitasking to get a list of urgent things accomplished.
I can’t see it.
Instead I see the compassionate and caring Son of God purposefully living each day. When He interacted with those around Him, they felt important and loved. He knew the infinite value of the people He met. He blessed them, ministered to them. He lifted them up, healed them. He gave them the precious gift of His time."
To me this is what being a disciple of Christ means. Doing {good} things on purpose, not merely living out of habit. 

I feel best when I purposely wake up and study my scriptures and have meaningful prayer. When a friend's name comes to mind and I call them. When I sit with Trey and play or read a book. When I wonder what my grandparents are doing, and decide to skype them. When I hold Claire just a little while longer after she's eaten so we can just look at each other. When, instead of filling Brock in on the days mishaps when he comes home, I remember he's had a long hard day too, and decide to do all I can to help him. 

When I remember to do all these things, without expecting any praise or recognition;
that is when I feel the best.

It seems that now if you are not "busy" you are somehow not successful. But I am learning that when I feel too "busy" it's time to do some prioritizing, so the things that truly matter don't get lost in the rush of the day. 

 "Our Heavenly Father sees our real potential. He knows things about us that we do not know ourselves. He prompts us during our lifetime to fulfill the measure of our creation, to live a good life, and to return to His presence.
Why, then, do we devote so much of our time and energy to things that are so fleeting, so inconsequential, and so superficial? Do we refuse to see the folly in the pursuit of the trivial and transient?...

So often we get caught up in the illusion that there is something just beyond our reach that would bring us happiness: a better family situation, a better financial situation, or the end of a challenging trial.
The older we get, the more we look back and realize that external circumstances don’t really matter or determine our happiness.
We do matter.We determine our happiness.
You and I are ultimately in charge of our own happiness."

Choosing to be happy, and choosing to strive to make others happy. It's a good way to spend your time :)

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Jen and Josh Payne said...

Your post reminded me of the talk the Calgary Temple President gave about how we are always wanting faster internet, quicker line in the grocery store etc. and how we need to slow down and focus on what matters and the temple can help us. Thanks for the post! I needed that today! Hope you guys are doing good!