a hidden treasure.

I have some old books that were my great Grandma Jensen's, a couple cookbooks, some poetry books, and one on church history. I love them, their worn covers and fragile yellow pages, I love knowing what she was interested in. And they all have her handwriting in the margins, underlining parts of poems, making changes to recipes, I made some cookies following her adjustments, and they turned out so good!

I found a poem written on a loose piece of paper inside one of them, when I first read it I just sat there and cried. I really felt like it was a message from her. I am so grateful that I know she, and all my other family members who have passed on, are watching over me. I think of them often.

success is in the way you walk
the path of life each day.
it's in the little things you do
and in the things you say.
success is not in getting rich
or rising high to fame,
it's not alone in winning goals
which all men hope to claim.
success is being big of heart
and clean and broad of mind.
it's being faithful to your friend,
and to the stranger kind.
it's in the children whom you love
and all they learn from you.
success depends on character
and every thing you do.
{edgar a. guest}


Kristy and Justin said...

I'm so jealous that you have a bunch of Grandma Jensen's stuff! Lucky!

Karla and Jaden said...

I treasure those moments when you feel so close and connected to ancestors.