a love letter

Dear Brock,
I know you don't like it when I tell you you are a perfect husband and father, but since you aren't here to stop me I'm saying it. You're perfect.

Last night I was loading the dishwasher and you walked in after changing and putting Claire in bed for the night, I loved how you gave me a little kiss and helped me finish up cleaning the kitchen. After you put Trey in his pj's and I attempted to take him to bed, while he cried "my dadda, my dadda..." you picked Trey up and I could tell he was so excited for extra time with you. You brushed his teeth, took him to bed, read him a book, helped him say his prayers, kissed him and shut off the light. I stood out in the hallway listening with a  BIG goofy grin. I officially married the finest man ever. And this wasn't an out-of-the-ordinary night.

You held my hand and looked into my eyes while I gave birth to our children. You pay the bills, make the bed, and take out the garbage. You make me dinner, and built me a kitchen table. You let me buy fabric and get up with the kids so I can run in the morning. You sing with me in the car, and dance with me in the kitchen. You know my clothes size and about my irrational fear of the dark. You think I'm the best cook.
You work so hard at school, but you are embarrassed when I tell my mom you have a 4.0 and made the dean's list {I'm just a little bit proud}. When I told you the other night I didn't know where you find the motivation, and you said, "I think about you and Trey and Claire." I could have kissed you...oh wait I did.
You provide me with such sense of security, I know we are in excellent hands.
I love watching Trey and you wrestling on the floor or holding Claire and making her laugh. They love their Dad, and I know it is because they can feel how much you love them. I love watching you be a Dad. You are so full of kindness and patience and love. I feel so blessed to have you by my side forever.

xoxo, Amy


Cole and Paige Barnett said...

This was so sweet! It makes me so happy:)

Tina Wilde said...

Love this so much Amy. Made me cry, of course! And made me feel grateful to have such a great husband myself. You guys are awesome.

brooke and rope said...

Way to go Brock! Love you guys :)

The McGales said...

You two are so darn cute!!! And what a good wife & mommy you are Amy.

Chelsie said...

Amy, I'm so happy that Brock found a wife as great as you and that you guys are such a great match for each other. Thanks for taking care of my little brother!