roller coaster

that word pretty much sums up today. So up and down- I told Brock I was either, laughing, melting, or losing it!

I was laughing when I got home from my run and realized my pants AND sweater had been on inside out, obviously not with it when I left the house.
I was melting when Trey folded his arms and stayed focused long enough on his prayer to bless, Claire, Dad, Mom and Brynn. When he was done he high fived me and said "I did it!"
I lost it when I packed us all up, got to the hospital, parked, got the stroller out, put Trey in, got the sling out, put Claire in, hiked to the entrance, waited at admitting, got to Orthopedics, waited for the doctor, and then had her tell me they had confirmed me for the wrong day, and she actually wanted to take Trey's cast off NEXT tuesday. I cried when we got back to the car.

I've really been trying to focus on the laughing and melting moments more, even though I feel like I have been losing it more than I would like to admit. With Brynn's cancer returning. I have been praying and thinking about her so much I feel like my mind can't seem to focus on much more.
I am striving to remember the eternal course, and recognize the many tender mercies I receive daily. To be more humble and admit I cannot do it alone. I need heaven's help in all it's ways and in all I do. I know it's there. Today a friend called- not knowing what's been going on or what kind of day it was- and asked how I was doing. If that's not a miracle I don't know what it is.

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