spa baby

Trey is getting so big.
I say this all the time, but I just can't get over how much of a "little boy" he has become!
He has such a sweet little personality, I love spending my days with him.
Trey has started doing some new things over the past little while that absolutely melt my heart:
He folds his arms for prayers, he "feeds" his dinosaur, he loves to wash his hands, he says "excuse you" when we sneeze, or cough, or burp. He loves going for walks- we usually walk up and down the sidewalk looking for rocks and sticks while we wait for "Dada" to get off the bus. He loves "counting" to three and then running, jumping, or throw things down the hall. He loves trains, and lines all his toys up like a "choo choo" and pushes them around....okay, I think everything he does is adorable.
One of his more recent favorite things is foot massages- because of his club foot we have always had some physiotherapy that we have to do on his foot. Just some stretching and flexing. A couple weeks ago I changed his diaper and noticed his legs we a little dry so I got the lotion and put some on him, and decided to do his physio. Well, someone really enjoyed the "spa treatment" and now multiple times a day he will bring me the lotion and lay down and I give him a "foot massage"- it's a good thing I love those little toes so much!
 it's blurry, but he's handing me the lotion saying "peas" {please} over and over...

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Stephanie Bengtson said...

Ok that is so adorable that he loves foot massages!! I love the picture with his lotion!! I love him, wish I could see him more.