home sweet home {#6}

Here we go again. I was feeling like I had JUST posted about "out new place" and then I realized that I basically did. We moved into our 2 bedroom apartment exactly a year ago...maybe march has just become moving month for our family? I hope not.

We've lived in our house for 2 weeks now, and I haven't missed apartment life at. all.
Trey {and Brock and I} are loving having more space and now that this pregnant lady doesn't have to lug a toddler and the stroller up and down 3 flights of stairs we have been going for walks everyday! Oh ya, did I mention it's like 10 degrees out? In Saskatoon. In March! It's awesome!

So...here it is, our home sweet home!

 {Yes, I already have the baby things organized...I'm just a little excited}
 {is it weird to put a picture up of our bathroom? Oh well. I love not having a sliding shower door and I love my new curtain!}

 {Trey does his own decorating with his toys}

 {oh, hello handsome}


Tiffany Kay Smith said...

What a cute house!! I love it. Your lamp in the living room is adorable

amy said...

okay, your house is ADORABLE! Come decorate mine!!

Nicole Wendorff said...

Super cute house :) and I am secretly, or not so secretly, jealous of your cute matching furniture

brock + amy said...

Thanks girls! I hate moving, but I love having a new place to decorate. Now that's it done I need a new project- so I would love to come decorate for you Amy :) And Nikki we totally lucked out! We only bought the love seat everything else is a hand-me-down from family!

Stephanie Bengtson said...

Love the pictures!! YOur place is so cute! Great decorating. I love your shower curtain!!