daddy's boy

I think Trey's whole day revolves around Brock.
He cries every morning {unless Brock sneaks out} when he leaves for school, and watches him out the window until he's out of site. And no matter what fun things we do during the day as soon as I say something about Dadda coming home, it's the highlight of the day!
Since we've moved {and it's been BEautiful outside} Trey and I have been walking to meet Brock at the bus stop. Watching Trey run down the sidewalk to Brock is one of the cutest things I have ever seen- I cried the first time he did it.
These two boys watch sports together {Trey's even learned to grunt and cheer at the game}. They play dinosaurs and trains. Get matching haircuts. And could chase each other all day long.
Trey definitely loves his Dadda.
But the other day I witnessed just how much he loves him.
The three of us were watching a movie, Brock was laying on the floor, and he fell asleep. Trey noticed he was sleeping, poked Brock's eyes a few times and then he went to his room and brought out his blankie, and laid it on top of Brock.
At least this time I wasn't walking down the sidewalk crying.

{these pictures are not of said moment, but they are equally as cute}

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Stephanie Bengtson said...

Those pictures are adorable!! Bailey is a daddy's girl too!! I love it!