Mom, Mother, Mamma

Sometimes, okay most times, it is still strange to me that
I am a Mom...
I look at my little baby and I can't believe I was
 pregnant {gave BIRTH} and now
 have a 6 month old beautiful baby boy
...where has the time gone?!
Someone recently asked me, "if I had know what being
a Mom was like before I got pregnant would I
 still have done it?" to her I simply said,
 "oh, of course"
After as I was driving back home I was thinking
 more about her question and started bawling...I could never have
 expected what it is like to be a Mother! I could have never
 predicted the way my heart would burst with joy when
 I look at my little baby, the complete and total happiness I feel each 
 day as I watch him learn and grow and the glimpse of eternity
I get at the end of the day when my little family is sitting together reading a bedtime story.

I love being a Mother more than words can say.
Here's something that makes me feel pretty good too :)
{Daughters: Elder M. Russell Ballard} 


Jordanna said...

Amy, thank you for sharing that link! I know I am only a Future Mother... but I am so excited to be called a MOM. That talk was just what I needed to hear to help me get through this stage of becoming a mother.

Catharine said...

Thanks for sharing :) You are such a great example.

Dave & Nysha Murray said...

i. love. your. blog.

- end of story.