extreme makeover: home edition!

So I had previously posted about my new found love of 'liquidation world', being able 
to redecorate a little was so fun!
I watch a lot of decorating shows and I 
was so eager to do something with our stuff! So here is my little home makeover!

living room before
and now the living room after

  I had been searching EVERYWHERE for a bed skirt because our bed is so high, but I couldn't find one anywhere! They had a bunch of "bed in a bag" at Liquidation World for $30...that's only about $150 less than everywhere else...did I mention how much I love that place?! 
Here's our bedroom
 and here's little baby Trey's new room! Finally!
  and now that he has his own room we can upgrade this to a crib...hopefully soon
here's the kitchen before

(and if you're wondering, no we couldn't sit at the table...)
here it is now!
 I am LOVING more cupboards!!...and look there is actually a spot for the table! yay!
 and last, but not least...we have a hallway, we feel pretty special :)

Home Sweet Home


Denver and Jazmin said...

you did a great job! The slipcover makes a huge difference! I love Liquidation world it's awesome!!!

The Anderson Family Trio said...

love love LOVE it! do you wanna come over and redo my house?? haha looks great amy!

Jen and Josh Payne said...

Looks good Amy!! Now I'm all excited for when I get to do my house. Still a ways away but still excited haha!

Bailey and Robbie said...

Wow!! Ummm can you come to my place and makeover my living room???!! It all looks AMAZING!! Nice work!!!

Ashley and Caleb said...

Cute Amy! You have such good taste and way to find some good bargains. I have fun searching around the dollar stores, never know. But I'll have to try out liquidation world now!

Tess Burr said...

Look at you go Amy! I will agree on "LW" specials being the best finds! Your little apartment is looking fab!

Stephanie Bengtson said...

Oh my Amy it looks amazing! Great job! Love it all. So fun that Trey has his own room!!! love ya

Chelsie said...

Amy! It looks great! When you are here for those few weeks you can do my house! Deal!?!?!? But seriously....deal?

Dane and Kwynne said...

You know you have a successful blog when a husband phones and says "Honey, go look at Amy's blog" good work Amy. I don't think he even reads our blog.