when claire sleeps

trey hasn't been napping for about 4ish months now. so while claire takes her afternoon snooze we have 'quiet time' together. it's become one of my favorite parts of the day.

our days are crazy, and busy. they're loud, with laughter and tears and tantrums. they're messy and sticky, which alo means they're wet and splashy.

I love these days, but I also love laying quiet and still next to my little boy, snuggling his warm squishy cheeks. we read books and sing songs. we count to ten... "seben, eek, nine, ten!" he likes to count my teeth and play with my eyelashes.

I wish so badly I could freeze these moments. I want to bottle up his sweetness and innocence, the feeling of his little head on my chest and his fingers on my face, his love of my hugs and kisses, I want to put them all on a shelf to keep forever.

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