what i love

claire has started saying "momma"
i love {love, love, love} it.
i love when my children call me momma, because I love that that's what I am.

as I watch my children grow and learn and change, i try so hard to be a mother who's love and patience is unchanging. to slow down and catch those moments when showing them my love and patience really matter. they are so teachable, and kind, and tender, and soft. I want them to know that i will be there every time they are sad, excited, nervous, happy or scared. now. and always.

yesterday we drove home from church, claire was hungry and crying, we hurried in and brock changed trey while i held and fed claire in one arm and used my other to stir the soup we left in the crockpot. we all sat down at the table, i watched trey carefully bring his spoon to his mouth, and marveled at his patience, while brock bounced claire on his lap as she played with his loosened tie. the three of them headed into the living room for a post-dinner wrestle and i started on the dishes. from the sink i could see our pile of coats and boots at the door- my tights i had taken off as soon as i got in the house were laying on top of the diaper bag. i stood there looking at them, skirt twisted and shirt untucked from nursing, with the sounds of giggling children in the background, i was barefoot, in the kitchen, and i loved it.

{another "kitchen moment" from a couple weeks ago- making muffins while claire naps}

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amy said...

Amy you are such a cute mom! I wish we lived closer to you guys so we could hang out!