the in between

as much as I refuse to believe it, I know the tiny people that I spend my days with will one day not be so tiny. nothing brings me greater joy than watching trey and claire grow and learn new things, but when they are both tucked in their beds for the night, a little piece of me is sad that they are both one day older.
Even though it's been some time since I have had 8 uninterrupted hours of sleep, I secretly treasure the middle of the night nursing and rocking time with my baby girl, and the tiny, tired hands reaching up to climb into mom and dad's bed. I fear all to quickly these little bodies that I love to snuggle will be all grown up. So for now I enjoy the time in between our days when I feel like I get their littleness for just a bit longer.

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Stephanie Bengtson said...

Cutest photo of those 2 munchkins!! They do grow way to fast.