staying afloat

that about sums up  the past couple weeks, i feel like i have just been kicking and kicking to keep my head above water...but the most important part is, we're still hanging in there!
All of Brock's spare time right now is spent studying for the DAT, Trey is sporting a cast {more clubfoot treatment} that he is not particularly fond of, Claire is working on a couple teeth, and I just got called into the Primary Presidency!- it's been a little hectic and sleep deprived around here.
My coping mechanism? christmas music and 'after eight' hot chocolate, I can't possibly be stressed when either of those things are involved :)

...on another "floating" note. meet our baby fish! This gal could swim all day!


Tina Wilde said...

I love that Claire is swimming on her tummy. I don't think I've ever seen her laying on her back, lucky girl she'll have such a nice round head! She's just so pretty let's lie to her and Henry about them being cousins.

Cole and Paige Barnett said...

Congrats on your new calling! That is really exciting.
one day when we live closer, we will be running buddies!

missLaura said...

Oh Amy, you are too good to be left alone! I knew you'd be scooped up by some auxillary soon :)
You'll be wonderful in Primary

brooke and rope said...

Claire looks like you in that picture :)