one more month (+3 days)

When I say I cannot believe how fast time has gone- I mean every. single. word.
A year is suuuuuch a long time when you are little- or pregnant...and I feel like someone is playing a trick on me and really it has only been about 5 or 6 months since Trey was born...right??
Trey has been sleeping A LOT lately- like 13 hours at night and a couple naps in the day, and I swear he is doing some crazy growing in that little bed of his! I feel like everytime I go to get him out of there he is turning more and more into a little (very, very cute) BOY!
case in point: He climbs anything he can, he says "buh bye" and waves at everyone, he drops (or throws) everything in his hands and then says "uh uh", he jabbers at us all day, and most little boyish of all he is trying to WALK- ahhhhh!
It is so fun to watch him become such a little personality, I spend most of my day watching and laughing at all the funny things he does, and it's hard to even remember that this is that same little, limp bundle we brought home almost one year ago!

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