dear MCAT

the MCAT has taken over our life!
I am so proud of Brock and the stamina (I don't know where he finds it) he has had over these past few months- I know it is hard locking himself in a room for hours and hours (right now were at about 12 a day) while Trey and I go do things, but 'normal' school life is just around the corner and a few hours of studying a day is sounding really good right now! He writes on Saturday, and both of us are prrrretty excited for it to be done!
(plus I have convinced him to write the DAT in November- he learned you only need to know about 1/4 of the things for that that he has studied for the MCAT- so why not right?! and maybe my dream of being his dental assistant one day will come true...haha!)

only 2 more days....


Amie said...

Oh myyyyy. You guys are tough. Michael signed up to write it when we were dating, butttttt that never happened. haha. He still dreams of writing it and going to med school but after having him in school for the 5 years I've known him and all his loans, I am not sure I am down for several more... I know Brock will do well! Especially if he's studying 12 hours. Good luck!!

The McGales said...

Holy Moly!! He'll do great I'm sure!! 12 hours a day in it self deserves an A+ Caleb is just starting his studying for the DAT...school widow here I come. But your my inspiration amy...if you can do it I can too :)