hey Mr.

somedays (today for instance) I really
can't believe how blessed I am.
somedays (seems like quite a few lately) I get overwhelmed/frustrated/stressed/worried
...you get the point.
and EVERYTIME I get "like that" without fail my Mr. is there to make it all better.
I know it sounds cheesey, but it is 150% true.
He is so good, maybe too good, at picking up on my little huffs and puffs as I scurry around doing whatever it is I am doing, and is right there wrapping me in a hug (even if I try to wiggle away) tucks my hair behind my ears- just like I like, and won't let go until I have told him what (and all...) that is on my mind...usually resulting in tears.
 he. is. amazing.
He never gets mad. He never raises his voice. He is so patient and kind. And even though he has a BaZillion things going on, he never makes me feel less than numero uno.
Thinking about it all just turns me into a complete puddle.
I love him so much.

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Amie said...

Awww, thats so cute!! You guys are adorable together. He's definately one of the best guys I know.