a happy anniversary

Anyone can be passionate,
but it takes real lovers to be silly. ~Rose Franken

Oh, how I love this quote, and,
Oh me oh my, how I love my husband!
I am sure every married person feels the same way- but it's hard to remember what it was like BEFORE we were a "we."
Looking back on my life it almost seems like a movie- all the highs and lows, the moves and the jobs that brought me to that night {I was with a friend on our way to meet some more friends at a movie when  it was suggested we stop by Brock Wilde's house- who had JUST come home from his mission- and see if he wanted to come, 
he did...boy, am ever glad we stopped!}
In our (not very) long time together we have encountered many changes- some welcome and happy ones: moving 6 times (..okay maybe not that welcome) coming to Saskatoon, and our little baby Trey! But also, some hard ones, most of all Brock's Mom passing away.Sometimes I feel like our little family is being stretched to it's limits- then I see how much our faith in the Atonement has grown and how much we
 have grown closer together, and I am grateful. 
I love the everyday hugs and kisses,the goals and planning, the tears, the smiles, the late night talks, and of course the silliness!
I am beginning to realize that life is just a big ball of change, it's unavoidable,
BUT that it's a good thing, and that the only way to get through it all is to have an UNchangable knowledge of who you are and what you truly value most. And when you and your husband value and believe the same things, life's bumps are much more manageable- I am so grateful we both value our temple marriage (that it is sacred and that it is fun!), and that we both value our role as parents.This anniversary is an important one to me. Because, as anyone with children will understand, bringing a new itty bitty life into this world with your spouse is a most miraculous, beautiful, life-changing thing. I feel like now I really know Brock- I look at him in a  new way. He is simply wonderful at being Dad - and watching it brings me happiness I cannot describe. And makes me excited for forever together. 
Thank you Brock for loving me so much,
and for loving Trey- we're both quite smitten.


Amie said...

Aw, I love this post. I agree you definately have to be silly. But it's great you both take your roles seriously. Cutest little family!

Kinsey said...