my sweet valentine

I woke up next to my valentine
then we had Breakfast
got ready for the day
went to a Valentine's party
made a trip to the store and bought some treats
spent most of the day cuddling and kissing
enjoyed a dinner for two
and he went to bed around 7:30pm
then Brock came home :)

okay, okay, I actually did spend SOME time with my husband...

it was the best Valentine's Day!
it was the first time I had 2 Valentines!

Brock is in the thick of mid-terms, and was studying all day,
but he still made me feel so special!
He took a studying break and took Trey and I out to eat, and
(even though I told him not too)
he had a few surprises for me!
I am so grateful for him!
He catches the bus to school at 6:00am
every morning
so that he can get everything done he needs to in the day to be able
to spend some time with Trey and I each night.
I could go on and on...and on about how wonderful he is,
but I'll just say this,
he is perfect
and I love him more and more everyday


The Anderson Family Trio said...

haha awe! love it!

Ashley and Caleb said...

haha AMY! Too funny! You two are pretty darn cute :)