little mr.

is 4 months old today!
I could make a list to the moon and back about everything we love about this little man...
but I will limit myself to 4 (it goes well with the whole 4 month old thing)

1. every morning when I turn the light on he sneezes at least 3 times, I love it!
2. I am pretty sure we have found all his tickle spots, and we try not to abuse our knowledge...too much.
3. Trey loves music, especially his "baby einstein" movies!
4. he is so curious and loves to be out and about checking out all the exciting things going on! 
happy 4 months Trey! we love you!


Jen and Josh Payne said...

You guys are the cutest parents! And you have a dang cute baby!!

Melissa said...

Such a great smile that little man has. Darling photos really.

Kayla Ann said...

He's already 4 months old!!!!!! I haven't even met him yet!!!!!!!!

Kayla Ann said...

I am the WORST!