well the day has arrived, Trey officially is going to school. yes, it's only a couple of days a week, and only for the morning, but it hasn't stopped me from having (multiple) meltdowns about it! my baby is on his own in a school!?! He was so excited, and so ready, he's helped me be brave about it all.

I've had a lot of emotions leading up to this and figured out, while I am sad about him going, I am also very sad about this phase of life ending. I'm no longer a mom with all her babies with her all day. I'll always have children in school now (until the last one graduates, but no need to even begin talking about that day!). 

And while I am so happy and excited for Trey to experience more, it is SO hard leaving your precious child in someone else's care! someone else gets to spend time with him, play with him, watch him discover new things, and teach him. but I also know that someone else will get to see his kind and thoughtful heart, and my biggest hope is that he will always remember how special that is.

When I picked him up today the first thing he said to me was, "that was SO much fun!" The whole way home he went on and on about all the awesome things he did at school, my heart swelled! here was my first baby all grown up and telling me about his day, I sat there and prayed hard that he will always be this excited to come home and tell me everything I missed while we were apart. I love you Trey!

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