book club

Over the summer I read a couple parenting books, I had quite a few little "ah-ha" moments, a few of my favorite quotes were these;

"Every day in 100 small ways our children ask, "Do you see me?" "Do you hear me?" "Do I matter?" Their behavior often reflects our response."

"When a child asks you to do something they can already do for themselves, it often means, "I feel loved when you do this for me."

"Children are compassionate by nature. Engaging their compassion instead of igniting there self-preservation is not only more effective and guiding their behavior, it's also more affected and growing their humanity." 

Aren't those great!? 

The other day I said to Brock, "I've never felt more like I child than I do now that I'm a parent!" When my children say to me, "mommy why..." It really hits me, I'm the mom...mom's know stuff! 
nothing has ever kept me in closer communication to my Heavenly Father than striving to teach and guide them. And when I think about how patient, and kind, and forgiving He is to me I know I can be those things to my children. I must be, or else I'm a hypocrite! Now that I'm a mother my view of parenting has flip flopped, I think my children are changing and moulding me just as much, or more, than I am moulding them. They really are my perfect little teachers. 

(And just because I love them so much...more of our family pictures!) 

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