6 years


I'm a few days late...okay more than a few, but I couldn't not write about how wonderful it was to celebrate another anniversary! 6 years seems like a good amount of time...but really I feel like we are still just starting out. looking back I know we have learned a lot about being married! 

I have learned that while we are both capable of great things individually, as a pair we can accomplish so much more. It's so amazing to look back on the goals we set as newlyweds and see how our planning and hard work has brought us here! 

I am so grateful for Brock and the love he shows me, it's so amazing having someone who is always on your side. his love and confidence magnifies the good in me, and gives me strength to face my weaknesses. i have never felt held back or hindered in any way being married to Brock, he has given me unending support and confidence, and as we have worked together to solve life's problems, I can see how coming out on the other side of them has strengthened our love for one another. 

we have found it is so important to view our relationship as a living thing, something that needs nurturing and dedicated thought and planning and care. It's easy to get caught up in all the everyday details of running a home and taking care of a family, but when I step back and remember why we are doing it all, I find so much joy. I don't see our marriage as two separate people with two separate roles; we know we are united in our goals for how we want our life and our family's life to be, so whatever we are doing, whether it's me at home or him at school, we are working towards those goals. I know by being at home I'm supporting him at school, and he's supporting me and our children by working hard there, it brings such a greater sense of purpose and meaning to each day knowing that. And, when I get the text that he's on his way home to us, I still get butterflies...cheesy, but very true!

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