i'm still here!

my blog has been on my mind, I've missed it! I keep a running list of my thoughts in my journal, phone, and post it notes...but most haven't gone further than that! oops! writing is so calming to me, one of my favourite quotes says that "we write to taste life twice" and that is exactly how I feel! 
not much has changed since I've last been here, but then again, so much has changed! still a little family of 5, living in beautiful Saskatoon. Brock started his 3rd year (!!!) of dental school and in a couple weeks Trey will start preschool! Claire and Trey are also doing swimming lessons this fall, and Claire is doing ballet- it seems crazy to me that we have kids big enough to 'do stuff' ha! Brock and I were just talking about our one bedroom apartment when Trey was a baby. It seems so long ago! And it is amazing to see how much has changed in the time since, and something I keep thinking about is this quote...
I love this! And it is so true! there's no place I'd rather be than making our life happy together!

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Amy Steed said...

I'm so glad you're back! I love reading your blog. And you have an adorable family!