just a few things

i went out a few nights ago, to get groceries and some supplies for the week. while i was unloading my cart at the checkout, it made me smile. a few of my purchases probably seem random to the cashier, but there are certain 'essentials' in this house:
-a jug of every kind of milk. lactose free for Brock, 3% for claire and trey, 1% for me. Brighams milk is still free :)
-glow sticks, these are my lifesaver when things get out if control! trey and claire love to play in the bathroom with them.
-stickers, thousands of them! we can never have too many around here!
-every flavour of jello. my kids think I'm awesome when we "cook" jello together.
-Spider-Man, AND Cinderella bubble bath. trey and claire have to have some of each to bath together. High maintenance? Yes. you have to pick your battles though.

looking at my cart also made me smile because I was alone in the grocery store. blissful.