never loved you more

when it was just the two of us i loved going on long walks and packing a picnic. our late night bike rides, and spontaneous dinner dates. i loved sleeping in, and making ourselves breakfast in bed. you'd send flowers and little love notes to me at work. on saturdays we would go to the grocery store and meander up and down the aisles, then probably stop for ice cream after.
our family was just you and i, and i loved it.

now things are a little different. you've been by my side through the ups and downs of three pregnancies and deliveries. there's no more sleeping in, and a night out takes at least a week of planning and preperation, our love notes are scribbled on post it notes and paper towel. do you think we could we have counted it as breakfast in bed when trey came in and dumped Cheerios on us?
you get home on friday night, and instead of being dressed up ready to go out, i'm in yesterday's clothes, covered in various body fluids that are not my own.

i was thinking about what romance means to me now, and a few moments came to mind- watching you race through the mall to the potty with trey so he wouldn't miss Santa's arrival. claire's messy, sideways ponytail i know you put in so she wouldn't get her yogurt in her hair. being surprised by a clean kitchen when I thought you were studying. you helping me change brigham in the night after he puked, peed, and pooped all over himself. these things mean everything to me.

our life has changed a lot. and i've never loved you more.

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amy said...

This nearly had me in tears...You are seriously an inspiration to me Amy!