and we're back

christmas was wonderful! we relaxed, played, slept in, laughed, cried, ate and partied. why does time have to fly when you're having fun? we came back to saskatoon on the 28th with my sister Abby and the rest of my family joined us on the 1st...I love having visitors! i treasure the times my whole family is under one roof! i tried every trick in the book to get this baby here for them, but no success, I can't say I'm too surprised, overdue is how we do things around here. being with family for the last (almost) month has been a pure delight! it's been so nice to have help during the end of pregnancy and all the gatherings have made time go by so much quicker! it has also been good for me spiritually, I love visiting with our parents and siblings and cousins and aunts and uncles. laughing so hard one moment then crying and hugging the next, it's so comforting to be surrounded by people who understand, and love you so much, and just be reminded of what truly matters- each other. we are so blessed! it's always amazing to look back on the year and see how much I have learned and grown, and especially how loved and guided we are by Heavenly Father. I have relied on His guidance, and know I need heaven's help every day, and I know it's there. we truly had a very merry christmas, and a happy new year! ....now i try to patiently wait to meet this baby! please come soon!

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