trey is tres

as of october 4th, we have a 3 year old! he had his first "friend" party this year, and then we ended up going to alberta to be with family that weekend so he got to party with his aunties and cousins too! it was a memorable weekend!

i remember the day(s) i was in labour with trey like it was yesterday, we were SO excited to meet our baby boy! he had the most perfect little face I'd ever seen, and i don't think it's changed one bit!

i am so blessed to be his mom. trey is so loving. he loves me and brock so much, he is always saying to us "hey, do you want to cuddle with me?" niether of us can ever say no (a major reason Brock cannot study at home) and he loves his little sister "clairey", he calls her "my baby", and "my girl" and is so good at taking care of her and making sure she is happy. he says the sweetest little prayers, and the longest. he blesses everyone he knows, by name, his toys, our house, each animal he can think of, letters, numbers, the temple, the prophet, the van, and anything else we've seen or done recently!

he is so curious and smart, always asking us about the words and letters he sees, he has to count everything and tell us all the colors of everything too.

he loves all his superheroes and power rangers and pirates, pretty much all things little boy, especially when it involves dad playing too! he loves to sing, and swim, do puzzles, color and use stickers, and he LOVES to build forts! he is my best little helper with cleaning up, doing the laundry and cooking. i asked him once to scratch my back for me, and now daily he will just start rubbing and scratching our backs :)

we are constantly amazed at how patient and obedient he is. he is such a good listener, i rarely have to ask him to do something more than once. we'll tell him no and explain why and he'll say (sometimes through tears) "okay, mom." it is so sweet and breaks my heart at the same time. he is just such a tender, caring little man, i hear, "thanks so much, mom" for every little thing i do for him!

it has been so wonderful watching him grow into the amazing, little person that he has become! i love him so much!


Tina Wilde said...

That kid is impossible not to love

Stephanie Bengtson said...

He is the sweetest little boy! Love you Trey!