my babies

the past few months have been hard, but being with them each day (and, all day) has brought me so much comfort.

trey is such a big help to me, i can't believe that he is only 3! he loves to help clean up the toys, and make the beds. he plays and shares so well with claire. as its getting harder for me to bend and stretch, he is always willing to get things for me. and the things he's been saying lately are hilarious! most of all, he is so sweet to me. he notices right away if i am having a sad moment, he always gives me a big hug and a whole bunch of kisses and says, "you're sad mom? it's okay. i love you." which usually just makes me cry more. and he is the best little snuggler- when Brock leaves for school in the morning, trey and I stay in bed and cuddle until claire wakes up. i love it.

claire is so smiley and silly. she keeps me busy keeping up to her messes activities, and just when i feel i'm reaching the end of my patience, she says or does something so funny- smart girl :) she's my little shadow, and is perfectly happy to sit on my lap, with her head on my shoulder, probably forever, and read books or sing songs. her favorite toys are her baby and trey's ironman- that's our girl!

they are both so content to just be at home, which makes me happy, because, lately that is where I've been wanting to stay too. 

and then there's this little babe, who really is always with me. being pregnant is physically demanding, especially this time around. but i would not change a moment of it for how spiritually filling it is. feeling this baby move and wiggle is a constant witness to me of Heavenly Father's love and power.

i am so grateful everyday to be a mother to these three. even though it has been a tough time, not all of my tears have been sad ones. i have felt my family's, and Heavenly Father's love for me so strongly, so many times. i am so blessed!

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Stephanie Bengtson said...

Love this post Amy! You are such a good mom! Love you all