i feel like we are entering a new stage with trey, he seems to be leaving "toddlerhood" behind him and becoming a little boy. i love the conversations we have, and hearing the new things he wants to talk about. and now almost everything we are doing involes the words, "why mom?"
the other day we were driving and he was asking me questions, i know time must have kept moving forward, but in my mind it stopped, it was one of those, mylifejustflashedbeforemyeyes, moments. my mind was racing to the future, thinking of those crucial decisions and life altering moments. i thought of the moments in life i have asked, and wondered why?

life has so much in store for my little babies. there are so many things i am excited to teach them and watch them discover, but life also has a way of becoming overwhelming by all that it has to offer. i feel like i try everyday to block out things from my mind that do not matter, and remember the things that i know for sure. to remember the freedom that my faith and family and knowledge of eternal life give to me. i know that no matter what challenges i face and choices i am making, the ultimate "why" that reigns over everything i do, is that i am choosing to try and become a more Christ-like person. 

i know i won't always be able to answer all of the questions my children ask me, but i do know the answers to some important ones.

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