these two

claire is talking a lot more lately, and the conversations I hear from these two are downright hilarious! I spend a good chunck of time hiding and listening to them, holding in my laughter so i don't interrupt. here's a little sample.

claire: hi, trey trey
trey: clairey, come here! hurry, come here! claire? are you coming? it's me, remember? this is trey trey!
claire: hiiiiiiiiiiii
trey: let's get outta here! come with me! this way, i'm leeeeaving!
(then i here laughing and running, then claire crying, then trey trying to pick her up, then more running)
trey: let's go on mom's bed! come up here!
claire: (whining) peasssssss
trey: okay, i'll help you, hold on!
(now i'm peeking in the door watching trey grab claire's hands, then arms. when that doesn't work he gets down and lifts her by her butt, then they both fall over)
trey: mom! help! claire's squishing meeeeeee! wait, claire come under this bed!
claire: o-key
....that's about 2 minutes worth of our day.

these two are mischief makers, they're loud, they're messy, they pick on each other. but more then all of that, they just plain love each other, and it makes my heart feel like it's going to burst!


The Orrs said...

These two are so cute! I love that they are buddies. How fun! It will be so sweet to see three of them together!

The McGales said...

Cute Amy!!

Tina Wilde said...

CUTE!! I bet they're excited for another playmate! haha I can't believe you are going to have 3 soon. They sound hilarious, tell Trey to come teach Hen how to talk so I can have conversations with him all day!