for me

i write this blog for me. it is in writing that i can sift through my thoughts and feelings. i find things about myself that i maybe hadn't realized before. and i've found that there are few voices that can encourage me as well as my own. i love reading back through the years, seeing the changes, seeing dreams that have become reality, and recognizing lessons learned through challenges. i love seeing the pictures of old houses, smaller babies, and wonderful memories.

brock and i were talking last night about how strange it is to be 'growing up', becuase it's just that- strange. i have learned so much about myself as a wife and mother. lessons about loving, and serving, compromising, and sacrificing. i have realized how much more i have to learn and improve on.

i write it all down to remember these lessons and experiences that have shaped me into who i am, and  will help me become the person i want to be.

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