i'm learning

tuesday morning.

the past 7 days have been a doozy..and I don't mean that in a bad way, just a very crazy, busy, exhausting, sort of doozy.

but i learned a lot, like i do every week, and everyday.

the two little people that i spend my days with teach me what selfless love really looks like, and what finding joy in sacrifice really feels like.

my handsome husband teaches me the importance of finding the reasons to laugh, no matter what's happening, and that the house never needs to be cleaned so badly that there isn't time to dance in the kitchen.

the ladies i serve with in primary with show me, faith and patience, and hard work.

and those sweet faces i see in primary- humility.

from my runs i'm reminded the world is such a beautiful place, and strangers are often just friends you haven't met yet.

and from me- i'll never be able to do all i want {or think i should do} but i can always do what's most important.

photo by trey wilde :)

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The Orrs said...

Loved this post! You're such a cute mama! Trey has got some skills behind that camera too!