birthday boy

tomorrow is Brock's birthday!
now that I have children of my own, I can't seem to say birthday without thinking a little more about the word...birth.
the days that my children were born are the two most sacred days of my life. so much excitement and praying and tears and happiness.
I can only imagine the joy of my mother in law when she gave birth to her only son 25 years ago!

thank you Lawnee for having that baby boy.
his is now a grown man, and he blesses my life and our children's every day. he is kind and gentle. he is soft spoken and loving. he is hard working and he makes the best out of every situation. wonderful traits I think he learned from his mother.
thank you for teaching him the gospel and for being an unwavering example of faith. thank you for teaching him he can accomplish great things and overcome any obstacle. thank you for teaching him how to laugh at yourself and to not take things too seriously. thank you for showing him how to love your family with all your heart.

Lawnee once said to me, "thank you for loving my boy" I didn't fully appreciate those words until I had a boy of my own, and now I want to say, thank you for letting me love him. I try to take care of him like I know you would, and love him like I know you do. because I do love him. very, very much.

happy birthday Brock

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