new! {to us}

so for quite awhile now I have been hoarding furniture to redo. I kept saying "oh, I'll just finish it in the summer..."
well, when it came time to actually start the projects, my parents garage was full, but I knew if I didn't do it in my 2 day window I had set aside it probably wouldn't get it done, most likely until next summer...
so I rolled up my sleeves and went to work! I felt a little bad neglecting my children but that's when having 4 aunties comes in handy :)
So here's some before and afters!

 this dresser I got at a thrift store in Montana

this one my mom got for me at a garage sale!
thanks mom :)

the coffee table is another garage sale find, and {most of} the frames are from a thrift store

I bought that little book shelf off of kijiji {and I just love the way Trey's room looks with his "big" bed!}
we built this kitchen table! {thank you chelsie for your power tools!} and I got the little bench for free! We can actually have people over and sit at the table now!

And finally a couple things for Claire's room- A "new" rocking chair and I finally gave my 8 year old chest a white wash!

so, if you are ever wanting to go thirft store shopping, or need a painting buddy, call me up! 


The Orrs said...

wow nice work Amy! You did such a great job!!

Becky said...

Wow! Good for you Amy! You should see my furniture hoard... yikes. I need to get to work too!!!

Karla and Jaden said...

Love what you did! I need to go garage sale hunting with you.

The McGales said...

those all turned out so cute amy!! Nice work

Nikki said...

I really need to live in Saskatoon or you in Edmonton. Love thrift store shopping and painted a couple pieces of furniture looking for a dresser with no success though.

M+Bpayne said...

We would be best friends! Haha thrifting and painting def keeps me busy. Too bad we don't live closer together