a little (or maybe a lot) of the Lowry's

We just got home from spending a week at Lake Five with the Wilde clan. It makes me sad that we can't all be together more, so having a week with Brock's siblings and their kids was so much fun. Everyone who has been to Montana knows how beautiful it is, and that combined with the barns as backdrops, we couldn't resist doing some family photo shoots.

Nat is so awesome. I feel like we have an "oldest in our family" connection, we're similar in a lot of ways. Her and Dave make such a great pair and I can't even begin to describe how cute and funny each of their kids are. However, since Nat isn't a big "poster", she wanted me to share these so she could share them with her friends :)   So.... presenting the Lowry Family


Melissa said...

Amy you talented girl! Such great pics!

Linz said...

Love Love Love Love Love these!!!!! awesome job Amy!!!!

Tiffany Kay Smith said...

These are beyond adorable!! So cute.