I have 4 {younger} sisters.
When I moved out after I graduated from high school they were all still in school, all still shorter than me, and all still little.
Well...things have changed since then. One is married, one is taller than me, I can share shoes with 2 of them, clothes with 3, and the baby is 8! AH!
I love {love, love, love} my sisters. I love talking with them, laughing with them, running with them, crafting with them, shopping with them, crying with them, cooking with them- everything with them. But this is nothing new. I have always loved being with them, my memories of all growing up and living together are some of  my most cherished and special moments. We've had too many clubs, secret meetings, fashion shows, dance parties and dress-up days to even try to count.
And now after 6 years I am going to get to live in the same city as one of them! Brooke is moving to Saskatoon! I am already planning things for us to do!

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Karla and Jaden said...

YAY! I can completely understand your excitement. I wish I had one of my sisters in the same city as me!