month # 1

As of yesterday Claire is 1 month old!
It is so amazing how much she has changed already- she loves to look around, {mostly at Trey because he is always right beside her holding her hand} she is getting so good at holding her head up, she is starting to show off her ear to ear toothless grin, and she is now too long for her newborn sleepers. It is a little bittersweet watching your baby grow, I wish I could hold onto their "littleness" for longer- it just goes by much too quickly!

It's been a fairly easy transition to having 2 babies around- I have to say fairly because there has definitely been moments where I have been totally overwhelmed- but after a month I think we have found ourselves a pretty good routine! I am no longer afraid to leave the house out numbered, and it seems like Trey understands that he is the "big" brother now- he is such a good little helper, it makes me smile.

At one month Claire loves to be cuddled and rocked, She burrows right into my neck and falls asleep, I love it. She only cries when she's hungry and is such a good little eater, with polite "girl" burps {as Brock calls them}She LOVES to have her diaper changed! I think it is so funny, Trey always (still) hated getting his diaper changed, but as soon as this little lady's bottom is feeling that fresh air she's as pleased as can be...maybe we have a nudist on our hands! For the past week, she has been doing a 4 hour and allllmost 3 hour stretches of sleep in the night. One of my most favorite moments of the day is bedtime, after her tummy is nice and full, I lay her in her bassinet and because it is level with our bed I can lay down and watch her little eye lids getting heavy as she drifts off to sleep, watching her all cuddled up as her tiny chest rises and falls, is such a tender moment. I love her so much.

Life is just wonderful. It felt so complete when Brock and I got married, and then I felt like it was really complete with Trey, now with Claire I am wondering if it can be any better.


ec said...

she is so sweet. i love her pink hat ... & her little chicken legs. it does go by too fast!

Stephanie Bengtson said...

It was so fun to skype last night!! I can't believe she is a month already! She is so sweet! I can't wait to hold her. It is so funny that she has girl burps cause Jake and I were just saying the Walker definitely has "BOY" burps!! His burps are soooooo loud. Walker loves getting his diaper and clothes changed, if he is upset you can just change him and he smiles right away!! Can't wait to get them together!! Love you guys