Team Brynn

When I read this quote I thought of my 11 year old cousin Brynn. She was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma on July 2, 2010. And since that day- now over one year ago- has been doing radiation and chemotherapy.

I could literally go on and on and on about how much she has endured and how brave she is but I know I could never come up with the words to adequately descibe her.

So I will just say- she is truly amazing. 

Brynn inspires me (and a WHOLE bunch of other people) everyday to look on the bright side- a cliche' thing to say- but life changing if really put it into practice. She has been though so much. Much, much more than most people go through in a life time, and yet manages to have an unwavering smile along with unwavering faith in Heavenly Father.

 I am so glad we've been able to be here this summer to spend more time with her. Her sweet face and perfectly round, bald head instantly make it a great day! :) Love you Brynny!  
You can ready more about Brynn and her fight with Cancer here.

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