9 months later.

somehow in 9 months I went from this (ready to POP!)...

to this...a little boy! ah!

Brock and I were watching Trey play on the floor yesterday (and by play I mean pull all the books off the book shelf, take them to various corners of the living room and then start to rip pages out...that was the end of that) We were remembering this little boy about 9 months ago- so small, totally helpless and brand new to the world- now he is SO alert and aware of everything little thing going on and eager to explore (and taste) it all.
We say all the time how crazy it is that we are parents and that we have baby...sometimes it just feels like we are playing house...does anyone else ever feel like that?! Some most days I still feel like a 14 year old girl dreaming of getting married and being a mom...and I must admit, (sorry for sounding mushy) life is better then I ever imagined! I love my husband and my "job" of mom- not to be confused with being the easiest job I've ever done- and I often am reading or listening to things to help me learn how to be better at it! Something I like to do while I am cleaning or cooking or just sitting on my behind is listen to ldsradio, there are so many good interviews, it's fun to hear our church leader in a more casual setting and I love listening to the mormon tabernacle choir...anywho, I recently listened to an interview done by Sheri Dew with Julie B. Beck and her two daughters...I HIGHLY recommend it! It really made my think! It is so inspiring and funny and motivational and anything else that makes you feel good. It made me so excited about all the stages of motherhood and they talk so much about the power that women have in the world today. If you want to listen (I don't know why you wouldn't after that endorsement...plus it makes an hour of "chores" a lot more enjoyable) you can find it here! Happy listening!


Kayla Ann said...

Amy you are amazing! I just love you to pieces!!! I can't believe he is already 9 months old?!?!?! are you serious??? I haven't even met the little guy yet! I am a terrible friend! I am addicted to listening to church stuff to the other day at work I listed to conference on my iPhone all day! It was AWESOME! it put me in such a good mood! (Not to sure how thats gonna look on my next cell phone bill-I don't understand data plans....But TOTALLY worth it!!) LOVE YOU!!

Kristy and Justin said...

The pregnant picture of you...um I look like that right now and I'm only 6 months along!